Brandon Cantrell is a talented young man who enjoys beading, knitting, sewing and embroidery. But his passion lies with crochet where the repetitive hand movements and focus on each stitch calm his mind and allow him to focus on the moment. Crochet has become a form of meditation for Brandon and results in beautiful creations.

Brandon's Products

About Brandon

At an early age Brandon was diagnosed with brain cancer causing frequent seizures and hospitalizations. He became emotionally fragile and at the vulnerable age of 17 Brandon was institutionalized at Florida State Hospital, a mental health treatment facility. Following his release in 2008, Brandon and his mother relocated to Georgia. They tried to get vocational services that would allow him the privilege of living an independent life with dignity. No one at the various organizations and resources saw Brandon as a person. Instead, they saw him only through the lens of his diagnosis and medical history.

Early this year Brandon was introduced to Synergies Work as a gentleman who loves to crochet and wants to start his own business.  We, at Synergies Work,  believe we can both help and learn from Brandon, and are grateful to be a part of his promising future.

For the first time in 34 years someone has shown an interest in Brandon and taken the time to help him turn his passion into something more.

Shelia Cantrell, Brandon's Mom